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Services in the Tove Benefice next Sunday 21st May 2017

Holy Communion at Towcester (BCP) Family

Holy Communion with Holy Baptism at Towcester

Holy Communion with Holy Baptism at Greens Norton

Rogation Walk in Bradden

Monday 15th May
9.00 am Morning Prayer
9.30 am Little Sprouts
5.00 pm Evening Prayer
7.30 pm Healing Service at Greens Norton
Tuesday 16th May
8.00 am Holy Communion (PC)
5.00 pm Evening Prayer
Wednesday 17th May
9.00 am Morning Prayer
10.15 am Holy Communion (BP)
5.00 pm Evening Prayer
Thursday 18th May
9.00 am Morning Prayer
5.00 pm Evening Prayer
Friday 19th May
9.00 am Morning Prayer
10.00 am Refreshments with biscuits in the Chantry House
5.00 pm Evening Prayer
6.30 pm Choir Practice until 7.30 pm
8.00 pm Bell ringing
Saturday 20th May
9.00 am Morning Prayer
10.30 am Chantry Coffee Morning until 12.15 pm run by Alex Donaldson & Lulu Pelly
12 noon Wedding @ Easton Neston
2.30 pm Baptism at Caldecote
Daily Readings
Mon. Psalm 15 Deuteronomy 16. 1 - 20 1 Peter 1. 1 - 12
Tues. Psalm 19 Deuteronomy 17. 8 - end 1 Peter 1. 13 - end
Wed. Psalm 30 Deuteronomy 18. 9 - end 1 Peter 2. 1 - 10
Thurs. Psalm 57 Deuteronomy 19 1 Peter 2. 11 - end
Fri. Psalm 138 Deuteronomy 21. 22 – 22. 8 1 Peter 3. 1 - 12
Sat. Psalm 146 Deuteronomy 24. 5 - end 1 Peter 3. 13 - end
Sun. Acts 17. 22 – 31 1 Peter 3. 13 - 22 John 14. 15 – 2

This Week's Notices

Confirmation “Will you stand up and be counted?” Adult classes begin on 8th June. Please pray for those attending and discuss with clergy if you have a candidate(s).

Acts of the Apostles – Still time to join Bible Study House Groups on Acts. Please see the sign-up sheets in St Lawrence and St Bartholomew’s for information and to reserve your space.

Chantry Saturday Coffee morning – volunteers needed for November 11th please

Join the global wave of prayer from 25th May to 4th June. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is inviting Christians around the world to pray as one for people to know Jesus Christ. For ideas and resources,
Sun 21st May: Rogation prayer walk from St Michaels, Bradden 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Thurs 25th May: Ascension Day – Prayer and worship in St Lawrence Towcester 7.00 am Service on Bury Mount. 7.25 am Breakfast. Please sign up 8.00 am – 8.30 am Prayer for our town and area 7.30 pm Holy Communion
Sun 28th May: Towcester prayer walk, 7pm - 8pm, meet at St Lawrence
Wed 31st May: Prayer for local needs in Greens Norton, 3pm at St Bartholomew’s
Sat 3rd June: Open day for prayer - St Lawrence church Lady Chapel, 8am - 10pm
Sun 4th June: Joint CTT Service of praise and worship 6pm - 7pm St Lawrence church

HELP! Please would you consider helping on the Sunday tea and coffee rota? You can do it with a friend/wife/husband. You only have to buy milk. You do not have to wash up. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided. It involves arriving a little earlier on a Sunday, setting out the trays with mugs and biscuits and filling the urn. After the service you would make up to 35 cups of very welcome tea and coffee. This is a real service to our church family, a lovely welcome to newcomers. We need someone to do the first and the Fourth Sunday of the month. Speak to Marion Hyde on 01327 857947.

Cleaner for St Mary’s Do you know someone who would be prepared to clean St Mary’s church before services (approx 20 times a year)? It is a voluntary position, but we would be very grateful for just a hoover and a dust! If anyone interested please contact the Benefice Office on 01327 350459 or Helen Garton on 01327 359382.

Marilyn Baker Ministries Saturday 20th May - Concert at 7pm by ticket Sunday 21st May 17 - Café Style Worship Service at 9.30am (See poster for more details) TICKETS available from Judith (01327 857688) or Ruth (01327 857065). Suggested minimum donation £5 per ticket please.

Volunteers required to help with Prayer Space which we are running for both our church schools. In Greens Norton from afternoon of Monday 19th June to Wednesday 21st (excluding Tots Own time) and in Towcester from Tuesday 27th June to lunchtime on Thursday 29th. It is very similar to Experience Easter, you will be looking after a station and guiding small groups of children through the activity. If you are able to offer a few hours or all morning / afternoon your help would be very much appreciated. Please sign up at the back of church.


Regular Events

Join us at St Lawrence for daily prayers for the Benefice and the World 9.00am Monday, and Wednesday to Saturday 5.00pm

Following the recent Benefice Bible morning and the free sample booklet entitled “Bible Reading Notes” you may be considering the next step for you to take. If anyone would like to receive Bible Reading Fellowship notes regularly, they would be welcome to join the group that I coordinate. you pay the price of the notes only – postage is free as they are all delivered to my address and I pass them on. The notes are sent in good time and each edition contains four months of readings:‐ January – April; May – August: and September – December. I would be delighted to hear from you by telephone (350578) or e‐mail ( and give more details.
Ann Lawrence