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Services in the Tove Benefice next Sunday 21st April EASTER DAY
6.00 am Dawn Service at Towcester
9.30 am All age communion Service at Towcester
9.30 am Holy Communion at Bradden
11.00 am Holy Communion at Greens Norton
11.15 am Holy Communion at Caldecote
3.00 pm Easter Egg Hunt at Easton Neston

Monday 15th April
9.00 am Morning Prayer
12 noon Lunchtime prayer at GN (JB)
5.00 pm Evening Prayer
7.30 pm Compline (JB)

Tuesday 16th April
8.00 am Holy Communion (PC)
12 noon Lunchtime prayer at GN (PC)
5.00 pm Evening Prayer
7.30 pm Healing Service (PC)

Wednesday 17th April
9.00 am Morning Prayer
10.15 am Holy Communion (LP)
12 noon Lunchtime prayer at GN (LP)
5.00 pm Evening Prayer
7.30 pm Compline (LP)

Thursday 18th April - Maundy Thursday
8.00 am Holy Communion at GN (HK)
9.00 am Morning Prayer
5.00 pm Evening Prayer
7.30 pm Foot washing Service and Watch (LP/PC)

Friday 19th April – Good Friday Office Closed
9.00 am Morning Prayer
10.00am Churches Together in Towcester Family Serviced
12 noon Liturgy of the Cross at GN (JB)
5.00 pm Evening Prayer
7.30 pm Stations of the cross (OL)

Saturday 20th April
9.00 am Morning Prayer
10.00 am Chantry Coffee Morning run by John and Christine Booth 6.00 pm Easter Vigil at Easton Neston
Daily Readings
Mon. Psalm 41 Lamentations 1. 1 – 12a Luke 22. 1 – 23
Tues. Psalm 27 Lamentations 3. 1 – 18 Luke 22. 24 – 53 (39 – 53)
Wed. Psalm 102 Jeremiah 11. 18 – 20 Luke 22. 54 - end
Thurs. Psalm 116. 10 – end Exodus 12. 1 – 4 (5 – 10) 11 – 14 1 Corinthians 11. 23 – 26 John 13. 2-17, 31b – 35
Fri. Psalm 22 Isaiah 52. 13 – end of 53 Hebrews 10. 16 – 25 John 18. 1 – end of 19
Sat. Psalm 142 Hosea 6. 1 – 6 John 2. 18 – 22
Sun. Acts 10. 34 – 43 1 Corinthians 3. 12 – 17 John 20. 1 – 18

This Week's Notices
THE FOODBANK is currently experiencing high demand due to the effect of Universal Credit. Stocks are low and all donations would be greatly appreciated – especially of Pasta sauce, ketchup, squash, fruit juice, sponge pudding and dried and tinned foods. Reminder lists are available at the back of Church.

EASTER LILIES If you would like to donate money for Easter lilies, in memory of a loved one, please leave your donation in the Benefice Office in a clearly named envelope.

LAST CHANCE Finlay Challen - Sponne School 2020 World Challenge Expedition to Botswana. Unwanted Clothing and shoe donations required for fundraising – bags available / to be left at the entrance. Last drop off 12th May, 2019.

Saturday Coffee Morning in the Chantry We have no-one on the rota for May 25th can anyone offer to run this session please. Contact Rona or Ruth in the Office please.

Watermeadows Fun Day Tuesday 16th April 11.00 – 3.00. Refreshments will be served in St Lawrence Church – If you can help please let Lulu know.

Benefice Office will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday

New rotas for sidesmen, chalice, readers and intercessors. The next set of rotas are being prepared please let Paul Loveday have any unavailable date ASAP. Those who have offered by their ER forms will be included.

Rev Paula is announced Rector of the Tove Benefice. Following last week’s announcement here is an update on the forthcoming months: Paula’s last service in the Benefice will be on Easter Sunday. She will then be helping a group of local parishes currently in a vacancy. Following that she will take some first incumbency leave which includes moving house. Her Institution & Induction will be on Saturday 21st September at 3.00 pm.


Regular Events

Join us at St Lawrence for daily prayers for the Benefice and the World 9.00am Monday, and Wednesday to Saturday 5.00pm

Following the recent Benefice Bible morning and the free sample booklet entitled “Bible Reading Notes” you may be considering the next step for you to take. If anyone would like to receive Bible Reading Fellowship notes regularly, they would be welcome to join the group that I coordinate. you pay the price of the notes only – postage is free as they are all delivered to my address and I pass them on. The notes are sent in good time and each edition contains four months of readings:‐ January – April; May – August: and September – December. I would be delighted to hear from you by telephone (350578) or e‐mail ( and give more details.
Ann Lawrence