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Services in the Tove Benefice next Sunday 22nd December
9.30 am Parish Holy Communion in Towcester
11.00 am Morning Prayer at Greens Norton
6.00 pm Nine Lessons and Carols at Towcester

Monday 16th December
9.00 am Morning Prayer
9.30 am Little Sprouts (CR)
4.00 pm Evening Prayer
Tuesday 17th December
8.00 am Holy Communion (PC)
2.15 pm Duncote and the Lakes (PC)
3.00 pm Ridgeway (LP)
4.00 pm Evening Prayer
Wednesday 18th December
9.00 am Morning Prayer
10.15 am Holy Communion (LP)
12 noon Sponne School in church
2.00 pm Sponne School Carols
4.00 pm Evening Prayer
7.30 pm Studio Band Concert
Thursday 19th December
9.00 am Morning Prayer
9.30 am Towcester Primary School Carols (PC)
10.30 am Riverside Carols (PC)
4.00 pm Evening Prayer
6.30 pm Market Square Town Carols
Friday 20th December
9.00 am Morning Prayer
10.00 am Refreshments with biscuits in the Chantry House
4.00 pm Evening Prayer
2.30 pm Wedding at Greens Norton
6.30 pm Choir Practice until 7.30 pm
8.00 pm Bell ringing
Saturday 21st December
9.00 am Morning Prayer
10.00 am NO Chantry Coffee Morning
Daily Readings
Mon. Psalm 40 Isaiah 38. 1 – 8, 21 – 22 Matthew 16. 13 – end
Tues. Psalm 70 Isaiah 38. 9 – 20 Matthew 17. 1 – 13
Wed. Psalm 75 Isaiah 39. Matthew 17. 14 – 21
Thurs. Psalm 146 Zephaniah 1. 1 – 2.3 Matthew 17. 22- end
Fri. Psalm 46 Zephaniah 3. 1 – 13 Matthew 18. 1 – 20
Sat. Psalm 121 Zephaniah 3. 14 – end Matthew 18. 21 – end
Sun. Isaiah 7. 10 – 16 Romans 1. 1 – 7 Matthew 1. 18 - 25

This Week's Notices
Urgent request from Foodbank they are in desperate need of tins of Meat and Fish. Please support them. It is a VERY buy time for the Foodbank so any donations both “normal” and Christmas would be gratefully received. Evening Prayer during the winter months

Evening Payer has been moved to 4pm not 5pm.

Renew café The numbers of visitors has increased in recent weeks and the café would like to extend their services to the community of Towcester and the villages in various ways including an evening Men’s space, a Saturday Dad’s group, and bringing in isolated people from the surrounding villages amongst other plans. If you can help leading activities, being a minibus escort, supporting fundraising or in any way, please contact Shelagh Chapman 07761041203

Do you or your husband / partner or a relative work for a company that offers £ for £ matched funding? 100% of every parish church costs (ie day to day running expenses, clergy & paid staff costs, repairs of buildings, etc) has to be fund from regular giving & fundraising. If you have connections with a company who do offer matched funding would you be willing to help run an event that would help your parish church? Please contact Revd Paula for more information.

Christmas day meal in the Chantry If you are going to be on your own on Christmas Day, or know someone who is, there is a free Christmas Day meal. Sign-up sheets are in the office or at the back of the church. Lifts to the meal are available. Food Donations for the Christmas meal would be welcomed. The sheets for the food required are found at the back of the church. Please help us to put on this feast.

Christingle envelopes A total of £195.50 was collected in the envelopes for the Children’s Society. Thank you to everyone.

Towcester Centurions Girls Rugby are appealing for your help to end period poverty. 1 in 10 girls in the UK are unable to afford sanitary items for their periods. Please donate any sanitary products in the box at the back of the church for local distribution.

Foodbank Please give generously to the foodbank collection points as we approach the Christmas period when many families are struggling to make ends meet.

Change to Office Hours Due to Ruth’s operation Rona will be in the Office Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the middle of February. Tuesday and Thursday will be volunteers and messages only based service. Apologies for any inconvenienced caused.


Regular Events

Join us at St Lawrence for daily prayers for the Benefice and the World 9.00am Monday, and Wednesday to Saturday 5.00pm

Following the recent Benefice Bible morning and the free sample booklet entitled “Bible Reading Notes” you may be considering the next step for you to take. If anyone would like to receive Bible Reading Fellowship notes regularly, they would be welcome to join the group that I coordinate. you pay the price of the notes only – postage is free as they are all delivered to my address and I pass them on. The notes are sent in good time and each edition contains four months of readings:‐ January – April; May – August: and September – December. I would be delighted to hear from you by telephone (350578) or e‐mail ( and give more details.
Ann Lawrence