Benefice BBQ at Richard and Lulu’s Greens Norton Rectory Sunday 6th August 12.30 pm All welcome Please let the office know or sign in church by 3rd August. St Lawrence Patronal Festival is Sunday 13th August. The bell ringers will be cooking again for us all. Please sign up by Thursday 10th August.

THE MOTHERS UNION met for their monthly meeting on Tuesday 4th July at the Chantry House Towcester. The meeting started with prayers and a short time of notices. We welcomed our speaker who was Rev. David Painter. He spoke about Good coming out of bad things. We heard stories of people with crisis in their lives but God always shows good and gives us strength out of horrible things done. . The meeting concluded with a light lunch and very good fellowship. Our next meeting is on Thursday 7th September at St. Bartholomew’s Church Greens Norton. The branch will hold a “Wave of Prayer” service. The meeting will conclude with tea and cake.. All are most welcome to join us at any of our meetings. Rev. Peter Hobday


We continue to meet in church Mondays during term time only.
HELP!!!! Little Sprouts is short of helpers particularly this term on the following dates: 3rd July and 10th July if you are able to help as a one off could you please let Revd Paula 01327 323106

HELP! Please would you consider helping on the Sunday tea and coffee rota? You can do it with a friend/wife/husband. You only have to buy milk. You do not have to wash up. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided. It involves arriving a little earlier on a Sunday, setting out the trays with mugs and biscuits and filling the urn. After the service you would make up to 35 cups of very welcome tea and coffee. This is a real service to our church family, a lovely welcome to newcomers. We need someone to do the first and the Fourth Sunday of the month. Speak to Marion Hyde on 01327 857947.

2017 - 2018 FILM NIGHTS
Nigel Slater’s session of film nights for this winter will be held on a Monday evening at 7.30 pm, as usual at Silverstone Methodist Church. The programme will be as follows:
27 November - Saving Grace
22 January - Brief Encounter
19 February - Local Hero
19 March - Hidden Figures
There will be three or four 'thoughts to consider' on the screen afterwards, to which the audience's attention will be drawn. People can ponder these - if they wish - over their coffee and biscuits. After research and discussion, it was agreed that there'd be nothing more substantial or organised than this.

Some parts of Palestine/ Israel have changed beyond recognition, some parts and views are very similar to what Jesus would have seen. Just as in Jesus’ day there are people who struggle against huge oppression and some who live generously and risk ostracism to show compassion. There is much to see, much to enter into and much to support and pray for. We are planning a Pilgrimage from our Benefice in November 2018. This gives time for preparation, saving up and looking forward to it. If you are at all interested, please look at the brochure either on the Benefice website or pick up a copy from church . Do talk to one of the clergy. It is not cheap, but will support local Christian guides, bus drivers, hotels and help Benefice Events 5 keep Christians in the land telling the story and being salt and light in it and drawing out God’s love in all people there. We hope to provide a few subsidized places as part of this so please don’t let the significant price put you off exploring this at this early stage do please talk to one of the clergy if you are interested.