A new venture. Saturday 7 Dec 10am - 4pm at GN. All in the benefice are invited to take part – individuals and groups. Trees are to be decorated with the theme of Christmas carols and songs. Trees to be no bigger than 4ft – real, artificial or crafted from recycled items. Battery lights may be used. A Remembrance tree will be available. Raffle, cakes, cookies and beverages raising funds for Macmillan nurses and St Bartholomew’s Fabric Fund. The Sunday service following is to follow this theme. Contact Jill Neville to reserve a space or for further details. 01327 351985


We are looking for volunteers to help on a Monday morning from 9.00 am to 11.00 am at St Lawrence. If you would to help or know more please speak to Claire our Children and Families Worker or email her at :-


As I am sure you are aware, a large part of Children’s Ministry involves telling stories. There are many fantastic story books to help younger children enjoy and understand the bible. At our pre-school groups in both Greens Norton and Towcester we use storytelling to engage and enthuse children about Jesus’ life and we use story telling in our schools to develop children’s understanding of the Christian faith. To enable us to do this more creatively, we would like to use knitted characters to ‘act out’ different Bible stories. If you are a keen knitter (or a beginner!), we would be very grateful if you could make a generic knitted character for us. The pattern is very simple (so I am told!) and would be used in a variety of ways. Eventually we would like to offer these characters in the form of a ‘story sack’ that would be given to each of our benefice schools with a bible story for the children to discover for themselves. These stories would be changed regularly and could also be used for adults in the schools to share. If you would like a copy of the pattern, please speak to either Claire or Rev. Paula. Thank you for your continued support of Children and Families work in our Benefice. Claire Reetz






LITTLE SHOOTS formerly CHILDREN'S CHURCH meets in in Church then in the Chantry during the 9.30 am Parish Communion on the following dates: 27th October and 24th November

20th November
Come and watch the classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in the Chantry House at 7.30 pm. A suggested donation of £5. Refreshments provided.

RENEW 169 Wellbeing Café Welcome to Shelagh Chapman who is the new Manager. The Wellbeing Café is seeking to recruit some new Trustees and also a Trustee Secretary. Job descriptions are available at the back of church.

The November meeting of the MU will be held on Thursday 7th November at St Bartholomew's church Greens Norton at 2.15 pm. Members are asked to bring along an item of special significance to them. All welcome. Carol Johnson