Temporary Change to Benefice Office Opening Hours Lee will be leaving the Office at the end of January so until a replacement is found and trained the Office will be open from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm Monday to Friday. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

FRIDAY COFFEE MORNING we need two volunteers to cover the third Friday of each month. Everything is suppled occasionally biscuits would be appreciated.

TOVE MESSENGER Have you paid your ANNUAL Subscription yet? Can you volunteer to transport someone to the 9.30am Sunday Service? We are looking for a volunteer / volunteers who could bring a lady from Baden Powell Crescent to the 9.30am Sunday Service please. If you can offer to help, whether regularly or occasionally, please speak to Mary Blanchard. 353464.

RENEW Wellbeing Café 169 Watling St. Could you volunteer to help at Renew one afternoon a month? If so please get in touch with the Benefice Office.

NEW OFFICE ADMIN ASSISTANT We are pleased to announce that Ruth Shepherd will be joining the Office staff from February 4th.

USED STAMPS Thank you to everyone who has bought stamps in to the office – another huge envelope, stuffed to the hilt, was sent off to the RNIB last week. Lee will continue to pop in to collect the stamps after she’s left, so please do keep bringing them in.



Tots Own starts Wednesday 5th September at 9.00 am in Greens Norton church. Little Sprouts starts again Monday 10th September at 9.30 am in Towcester church.



LADIES CURRY NIGHT 19th February speak to Issie or Rona if you are interested.

QUIZ NIGHT Towcester Town Hall - 8th Feb at 7.30pm. David Tarbun is running the London Marathon for Cynthia Spencer Hospice. £3 per person with teams of up to 6. Bring your own food and drink. It will have a raffle. Tickets can be obtained from Colemans Towcester, Towcester Library or via

CHILDREN'S CHURCH meets in in Church then in the Chantry during the 9.30 am Parish Communion on the following dates: 10th and 24th February