Lent events in the Tove Benefice

Preparing for Lent – Prayer, Fasting and Study
Lent this year starts on 6th March

As a ministry team we wanted to give you plenty of notice about our plans, so that you might perhaps be able join us at something as part of your Lenten discipline of prayer, fasting and study.

Lent starts with our Ash Wednesday service which will be 7:30 pm at St Bartholomew’s on Wednesday 6th March with guest preacher, Revd. Doug Spenceley, Bishops Officer to Schools. Time to think and reflect is rare in our busy world of hurrying from one task or deadline to another, whether it is getting children to school and oneself to work, or planning a work project or making a meeting in time. We should cherish the times we have to think about what we are doing and whether that is in tune with what God wants us to do as an individual or as a church community in our neighbourhood. If you sometimes feel you lack time to think and reflect why not join in on the Benefice Lent course and share with others, meeting new friends, and no doubt seeing some familiar faces too! This year for our Lent Course we are using material based on the film ‘The Greatest Showman’ called ‘From Now On’ by Rachel Mann. Films take us into another world and to be entertained, but also they make us think about how we live and what is our motivation or deepest desire. Through the lens of the film this Lent Course helps us to explore themes of faith, hope, and redemption. Looking at how we can face and overcome doubt, temptation and prejudice, as we begin to live authentic lives. In order to engage with the course fully it is advisable to purchase a copy of the book (which can be ordered in advance and costs £6.99.) The book contains both pre and post session reading plus more questions than we are likely to be able to cover in each session. Please indicate, when you sign up, if you require a copy purchased for you.

Groups will be run on the following days/times: Tuesdays 2.00 pm Norton Court, Greens Norton 7:30 pm The Chantry House, Towcester Wednesdays 7:30 pm Annette Rock’s House, Bengal View, Greens Norton (max 6 people) 7:30 pm Renew 169, Towcester Thursdays 10.00 am The Chantry House, Towcester Benefice Events 5 Fridays 8.00 pm Stephanie & Chris’s House, Watling Street, Towcester (max 6 people)

In addition to the above, there will be a daytime group at the Methodist Church (details to follow) and Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship will be following a course based on Psalm 23 (more details to follow).

This year there will also be a couple of opportunities in the benefice to take part in a Lent Lunch (soup & bread). In Towcester these will happen on a couple of Thursdays following on from the Lent course, but not exclusive to people who have attended. This will be on 14th March and 11th April from 12.00 noon to 1:30 pm in the Jenkinson Room in the Chantry House. We are asking for a minimum donation of £3.50 and profits from the Lent Lunches will be shared between Renew169 and Derek and Jane Waller CMS partners in Madagascar. In Bradden they are hoping to invite Baby Basic (from Northampton) to come and speak at their Lent Lunch on a Tuesday in March. Proceeds from that will be shared between St Michael’s and Baby Basics.