Harvest Festival

Come, ye thankful people, come, raise the song of harvest home; all is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin.

Come and join us at one of the many services and celebrations in our Benefice.

Harvest festivals of praise and prayer
Bradden. Sunday 9th September at 9.30 am. Preceded by a Harvest lunch on Thursday 6th September.
Caldecote. Sunday 23rd September at 6.00 pm
Greens Norton. Sunday 7th October at 11.00 am a Harvest Supper at Greens Norton village on Friday 28th September.
Easton Neston. Saturday 6th October at 6.00 pm
Towcester. Sunday 7th October at 9.30 am

Harvest is from the Old English word hærfest, meaning "Autumn". It came to refer to the season for reaping and gathering grain and other grown products. An early harvest festival used to be celebrated at the beginning of the harvest season on 1 August and was called Lammas, meaning 'loaf Mass'. Farmers made loaves of bread from the fresh wheat crop. These were given to the local church as the Communion bread during a special service thanking God for the harvest.

Until the 20th century most farmers celebrated the end of the harvest with a big meal called the harvest supper, to which all who had helped in the harvest were invited. It was sometimes known as a "Mell-supper", after the last patch of corn or wheat standing in the fields which was known as the "Mell" or "Neck". Cutting it signified the end of the work of harvest and the beginning of the feast.